Simple Watering (Step 1 of 4)
Make sure that the Mesonet site selected is the nearest one to your location. To select another Mesonet site click on the map or choose from the list below.
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Select days since last watering, if less than 7.
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Select the grass type. (What's This?)
Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass that goes dormant in the winter in Oklahoma. It spreads from above ground stolons and below ground rhizomes. Bermudagrass is the most common grass in Oklahoma. It has excellent drought tolerance and needs full sun.

Zoysiagrass is a warm-season grass that goes dormant in the winter in Oklahoma. It spreads from above ground stolons and below ground rhizomes. Zoysiagrass is slower growing and has a wider grass blade than bermudagrass. It requires more water than bermudagrass and will tolerate light shade.

Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that stays green year round in Oklahoma. It grows in a clump and does not have stolons or rhizomes. Tall Fescue is less drought tolerant than either bermudagrass or zoysiagrass. It does well in all but the densest shade areas.

Your local OSU County Extension office can help with questions about your lawn. To locate your local office, click on the LEARN MORE button at the bottom of this page, then select Contacts.
Tall Fescue
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Select your sprinkler type. (What's This?)
The common sprinkler types for automatic systems and hose-end sprinklers are available. Choose from the drop down or click on a box bellow.
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"Watering area" is a single location for a hose-end sprinkler or a single zone for an automatic sprinkler system. This is the number of minutes to run a hose-end sprinkler in a single location. When moved to a new location, run the sprinkler for the same number of minutes. When an automatic sprinkler is selected, the number of minutes is the time to run each zone.

Sprinkler watering minutes are based on watering at maximum sprinkler coverage. For impact and impulse sprinklers this is a full circle. WATERING AREA MINUTES MUST BE REDUCED IF THE SPRINKLER COVERAGE IS REDUCED. For example, if an impact or impulse sprinkler is adjusted to a half circle pattern, cut the minutes in half. If the sprinkler is set to a quarter circle pattern, divide the minutes shown above by 4.

The low to high range in watering time is a watering time guide. Water for minutes near the low range when you have an established lawn and it is more important to minimize water cost. Water at the high end of the watering minutes range, when the lawn is new, is stressed from high traffic or having the best grass appearance is more important.

For more information please read the Terms of Use.
No. of moves / No. of sprinkler heads (What's This?)
If you have an automatic sprinkler system, enter the number of sprinkler heads. If you use sprinklers attached to a hose (hose-end sprinklers) enter the number of moves you will make to cover the entire lawn area to be watered.
Water cost per 1000 gallons (What's This?)
To calculate the total cost of watering select a city from the list. The 'Water cost' used by SIP is a best estimate of the combined water and sewer rates for the the included communities. Water cost estimates are based on either 2012 Oklahoma Municipal Utilty Costs from the Oklahoma Municipal League, an individual city's website, or previous SIP water rate information.
Idabel Broken Bow Mt. Herman Wister Talihina Cloudy Hugo Antlers Clayton Wilburton Stigler Sallisaw Webbers Falls Cookson Westville Tahlequah Jay Miami Pryor Vinita Eufaula McAlester Lane Stuart Okmulgee Haskell Porter Inola Nowata Talala Bixby Tulsa Hectorville Okemah Holdenville Centrahoma Durant Madill Tishomingo Fittstown Ada Bowlegs Bristow Skiatook Copan Foraker Wynona Oilton Chandler Shawnee Byars Sulphur Ardmore Burneyville Newport Pauls Valley Ringling Waurika Ketchum Ranch Washington Norman Spencer OKC East OKC North Guthrie Lake Carl Blackwell Marena Stillwater Perkins Pawnee Burbank Red Rock Newkirk Blackwell Marshall Walters Acme Apache Ninnekah Chickasha Minco El Reno Kingfisher Breckinridge Medford Lahoma Grandfield Medicine Park Fort Cobb Hinton Watonga Weatherford Tipton Hobart Bessie Altus Mangum Butler Elk City Putnam Fairview Cherokee Hollis Erick Cheyenne Camargo Seiling Alva Arnett Woodward Freedom May Ranch Buffalo Slapout Beaver Hooker Goodwell Boise City Kenton Valliant Eva